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Find Artistic Confidence
and the
Creative Flow
You've Always Wanted

If you are tired of spinning your wheels with your paper crafting pursuit, spending more time buying stuff and gathering inspiration, but not actually DOING the thing that you want to do - then joining this creative community will be the best decision you can make for you and your craft!

A creative pursuit that brings JOY
instead of STRESS is something you deserve

BLOOM is a different approach. This isn't more of the same.

At the core of the Bloom Creative Community is a system that helps you understand and move past creative blocks - eliminating stress while growing self-confidence, and making creative time something you crave and make time for consistently.

Fill your Crafter's Toolbox with resources that actually help. Explore practice skills, techniques, design principles, mindset shifts, technology assistance (can you say photo & video help?), and more! Will we craft? Uh, YAH! But we'll do sooooo much more!

Imagine being a part of an amazing, supportive community where you discover renewed self-confidence, your personal style, and ways to share it - making your craft practice an enjoyable and fulfilling part of your life!

Let's bring your craft to a new, inspiring level! 

Have we met? I'm Nicole!

I was a hobby crafter for as long as I could remember. Yup, I even remember heat embossing with a light bulb 💡and fussy cutting everything!️ ✂️

Since 2007, my focus has been on cards and mixed media as a creative business owner, and in 2014, I integrated my love for crafting with my love for technology! Along with my husband, we opened Integrant Services - a site design, maintenance, and support company for creative professionals and small businesses. We love it, and to date have worked with over 500 creative professionals!

I've done and learned so much in this industry, and along the way, I discovered that I get the most joy out of helping other creatives succeed - whether that's learning new techniques, overcoming creative blocks, or learning how to use technology to share and document creative journeys - I love to help with it all! I love every aspect of this paper and ink world, and what's more, I love sharing my knowledge and expertise with you!

Let's get crafty!

Go from Stuck to Flourishing with the Bloom Creative Community 

BEFORE joining the Bloom Creative Community

  • You're constantly buying new products and tools but not using them when they arrive, so they gather dust with all the other unopened supplies.
  • You stress out about last minute projects and how uninspired and rushed they look. It seems like you're always forgetting about important dates, and you don't have anything already complete that would work.
  • You're bored with your style beause everything looks the same, but every time you watch a video about a new technique, it seems to be missing important steps!
  • You waste hours scrolling through different galleries, groups, blogs, and videos and you find tons of inspiration, but when you're ready, you can never remember where you saw that thing you want to make.
  • You're drowning in PHDs (Projects Half Done) and have no idea how you will catch up and finish them all.
  • You have the best intentions to submit projects to challenges and to post on social media, but always chicken out thinking that your projects aren't good enough and you suck at taking photos.

AFTER joining the Bloom Creative Community

  • You look forward to new product orders arriving because you have project ideas organized and ready to go!
  • You have a plan that's easy to reference and keeps you ahead of important dates and deadlines. Creating comes more easily because there's no need to rush!
  • You know right where to go to find quality, easy to understand technique videos, and as a bonus, you have time and know how to practice the technique before you use it on a project.
  • Looking at inspiration sources is a fun activity, and you have a system to organize and reference it when you need a kick-start for a project.

  • You finish projects confidently and in a reasonable time, starting with the end in mind and with the skills and supplies to create what you envision.
  • You have some favorite challenges that you submit projects to often and have even won! Sharing on social media is a natural thing to do after finishing a project because you like to look back and see your progress. Wow, how has your photography improved!

Peek inside!

Designed for productivity, efficiency, and focus - you'll find the membership easy to navigate and inspiring to visit.

Here's what you get in the Bloom Creative Community

  • Instant, exclusive access to the Bloom Creative Cycle course. Start your journey towards artistic confidence and creative flow right away! ($50 value)
  • Instant access to the growing project library, with real-time videos, supplies lists, and step-by-step project sheets. (currently a $280 value)
  • Understanding & Organizing Color. ($20 class)
  • Let's Create, Simply: Finding & Using inspiration. ($20 class)
  • Alcohol Marker Care. ($10 mini class)
  • Cell Phone Photography Basics & Staging. ($10 mini class)
  • Access to all new classes and mini classes 
  • Exclusive Q&A Zoom sessions. Pick my brain on any & every crafting topic! ($480 value)
  • Member-only craft workshops with well-known artists in the industry. ($100 value)
  • Private community and discussion areas to share, learn & connect ($200 value)
  • Virtual group meet-ups and crops ($80 value)
  • Monthly challenges & giveaways

PLUS the Bloom Technique Library Membership!
($150/yr value)

The best mixed media and card making technique library, that eliminates hours of endless searching for new techniques and gets you crafting faster!
A new technique drops every Tuesday (that's 52 techniques a year!) - ad free, and with the Technique Sheet PDF to create your very own resource binder.

Annual Plan BONUS 1-on-1 session
($60 value)

Commit to the Annual plan, and receive a FREE private 45-minute one-on-one session with me via Zoom.
We can cover anything you like related to art or technology!

Enjoy Your Craft MORE with the Bloom Creative Community!

bloom /blo͞om/ verb
1. to grow into achievement of one's potential  2. to flourish in excellence

Frequently Asked Questions

No! The Bloom Creative Community Membership is an ongoing membership that provides content, discussion, and activities to help paper crafters of all kinds find their artistic confidence and creative flow.

Yes! The Technique Library Membership is a part of the Bloom Creative Community Membership! (a $150 annual value!)

After you join, you’ll receive a welcome email with your unique log in details. Members have immediate access to the member's area, including previous content, and enjoy new content delivered througout the month, and announced through a weekly email.

Each month’s premium content is added as a topic article inside the private membership portal and announced each week via email. 

No way! Our community is hosted on a private platform right inside the Membership Dashboard. 

Your account will be charged on the same day that you signed up each quarter or year (depending on the plan you choose) for as long as you continue your membership. Your membership rate will remain the same for the life of your active membership. If you cancel and renew at a later date, you will be subject to the current membership rate.

If you are on a Quarterly or Annual Technique Library Membership and you choose to join the Bloom Community as a Quarterly or Annual member, the unused portion of your Technique Library Membership will be refunded if you have more than 45 days left on your membership.

You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time! You will retain access to the site until you reach your next quarterly/annual billing date.

Due to the digital nature of the membership, refunds are not available. You may prefer to try out a quarterly membership to make sure we're a fit before upgrading to an annual rate. You can update to an annual plan(usually discounted from the monthly plan) within 30 days of your initial registration.

This is a subscription service that is billed quarterly or yearly (depending on what you choose at checkout).  If you wish to cancel, you must do so before your next billing date which will be the same day each quarter or year (depending on the plan you choose). Please make note of the day of the quarter or year that your membership renews.

Member pricing gets locked in at the time you become a member. If you cancel and return in the future, you will be subject to whatever price the membership is at that time.

No - there is not an option for monthly billing. We find that the best way to experience the membership is to spend at least a quarter exploring the available content, learning the Plan-Do-Share concept and participating in the various events and challenges. This way, if there is a month that you are less available, or it takes you a little bit to get into the groove, you don't have to worry about making a split decision on whether the membership is right for you!

This membership is for PERSONAL use, not for agencies or companies. That means that if you own a crafting or other business, blog, etc., that you can't take the materials from this membership and share it with your audience - not even if you give Nicole Watt and/or Bloom Crafters credit, and not even if you "make it your own".  Even if you want to share the content (videos, printouts, links to private live events...) with your crafty friends, that isn't allowed. All content provided within the membership is protected under copyright laws. If you know someone who could benefit from this community, encourage them to join, too!

On the other hand, member generated output - work and projects that you create and share within this community as a result of what you've learned - is 100% yours to freely share as you like. In fact, we encourage it! Tag us on Instagram @bloomcrafters to catch our eye!