Crafting is meant to be relaxing, inspiring, and a unique extension of your creativity
(We need to see your uniqueness shine, and you deserve to feel the joy your art brings!)

But, I know you... 
   - spend waaayyy too long online looking for inspiration instead of creating 
   - sometimes attempt your own original projects that just don't seem to hit the mark 
   - have maybe been at this for years, but feel like you're still not growing as an artist 
   - experience tons of frustration and self-doubt 
   - are overwhelmed with all the choices out there, but keep buying and buying 
   - have no idea what to do with all the STUFF you have!
This. Was. Me. Too.

BLOOM is a different approach. This isn't more of the same.

The BLOOM community is designed for greeting card and mixed media crafters seeking to GROW their art into a consistent practice that brings joy, self-confidence, and personal fulfillment.

With BLOOM, you will fill your Crafters Toolbox with resources that actually help. We explore practice skills & techniques, design principles, mindset shifts, technology assistance (can you say photo & video help?), and more! Will we craft? Uh, YAH! But we'll do sooooo much more!

You'll join an amazing, supportive community and discover renewed self-confidence, your personal style, and ways to share it - making your craft practice an enjoyable and fulfilling part of your life!

Let's bring your craft to a new, inspiring level! 

Registration is currently closed.
Join the waitlist and be the first to know when we open registration next in September, 2021.


Have we met? I'm Nicole!

As a card maker and mixed media artist for over 15 years, I've done and learned so much in this industry!

From hobby crafters and affiliate crafters, to sample and product designers, and even creative business owners, we all have a place here and bring our best when we learn and grow together.

I love every aspect of this paper and ink world, and what's more, I love sharing my knowledge and expertise with you.

Let's get crafty!

Inside this community you will find passionate paper crafters just like you! 

We. Are. Your. People. 

(And we are just as excited about paper, ink, stamps and techniques as you are!)

We're ready to go next level, and we want you to level up too! We celebrate successes and freely share our thoughts, our struggles, our questions, and support each other as we grow our crafting practice together.

Some of us seek to improve our hobby to proudly share our projects with those that mean the most to us. Others are working towards leveling up to explore business opportunities. But, we have at least one thing in common - we pour our heart and soul into everything we create.

We show up with honesty and compassion and celebrate our individuality through our unique crafty styles.

You are not alone, and you deserve to have it all.

Come find your crafty family here and BLOOM!

Membership Features
new content delivered every Tuesday!

Yes! We're crafters!
Members get monthly inspiration prompts and can even submit their own prompts to be featured with the community.
Share your projects in our private galleries, and on social media, and even win prizes!

You have questions, Nicole has answers!
Members submit questions and have them answered at the Q&A Livestream.
We even have guests from time to time to get fresh, unique perspectives and insight.

Learn, share, and practice with each other at our quarterly virtual crops. These are events like no other in a state-of-the-art virtual event center where you can mingle with each other, and actually sit at TABLES in GROUPS like a real crop!

Stuck in any aspect of your craft practice?
Bring your troubles to the table and get UNSTUCK!
These are LIVE sessions where we breakout into small brainstorming groups for face to face discussion and support.

Members have a private, supportive, and caring community right inside the Dashboard (not on Facebook) where they connect, ask questions, get feedback on their work and share their successes.
This is a JUDGEMENT FREE zone!

Members are featured on our community Instagram account and inside the membership in Spotlight Interviews.
No matter your crafty goals, it always feels AMAZING to get called out and loved on!

Each month,  we chat in our community discussion about breaking through common stumbling blocks that crafters experience at all stages like confidence, imposter syndrome, fear of rejection, overwhelm, and feeling creatively stuck.

Members interested in creating videos and doing live streams have opportunities to teach in our community first.
Get feedback, work out the kinks, and get comfortable behind the lens!

Registration is currently closed.
Join the waitlist and be the first to know when we open registration next in September, 2021.


bloom /blo͞om/ verb
1. to grow into achievement of one's potential  2. to flourish in excellence

Frequently Asked Questions

No! BLOOM is a monthly membership, with new content added each week. 

We do not focus on crafting techniques in Bloom, per se. Rather,  we focus on strategies for long-term growth as a crafter.  A few examples of training that are covered would be finding and curating inspiration, developing a productive workflow, overcoming mindset obstacles, and design and color principles. We also do a live Q&A calls with Nicole and other guests, and have "unstuck" events where we help each other out in a group brainstorming session, as well as monthly inspiration prompts.

Crafting technique videos are provided for free on my social media channels, but are also published here, ad free, as an extra member perk.

After you join, you’ll receive a welcome email with your unique log in details. Members have immediate access to the member's area, including previous content, and enjoy new content delivered each Tuesday, and announced through a weekly email, as outlined in the calendar.

Each month’s premium content is added as a topic article inside the private membership portal and announced each week via email. Additional content that is provided free on YouTube and elsewhere is often added here too - ad free!

No way! Our community is hosted on a private platform right inside the Dashboard. 

Your account will be charged on the same day that you signed up each month (or year) for as long as you continue your membership. Your membership rate will remain the same for the life of your active membership. If you cancel and renew at a later date, you will be subject to the current membership rate.

You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time! You will retain access to the site until you reach your next monthly/annual billing date.

Due to the digital nature of the membership, refunds are not available. You may prefer to try out a monthly membership to make sure we're a fit before upgrading to an annual rate. You can update to an annual plan(usually discounted from the monthly plan) within 30 days of your initial registration.

This is a subscription service that is billed monthly or yearly (depending on what you choose at checkout).  If you wish to cancel, you must do so before your next billing date which will be the same day each month (or year). Please make note of the day of the month (or year) that your membership renews.

Member pricing gets locked in at the time you become a member. If you cancel and return in the future, you will be subject to whatever price the membership is at that time.

This membership is for PERSONAL use, not for agencies or companies, and is not to be shared. All content provided within the membership is protected under copyright laws. If you know someone who could benefit from this community, encourage them to join, too!

On the other hand, work and projects that you create and share within this community is yours to freely share as you like. In fact, we encourage it!